Jan 21 2020

It’s Dental Health Season! Details on Dental Promos

Every year we dedicate the month of February to focus on Dental Health. This is because dental disease in pets is the most common health problem we see in pets!

Dental disease is often a hidden problem as pets rarely show obvious signs of dental disease. Even pets with severe dental disease will:

  • continue to eat normally
  • maintain their body weight
  • show no obvious outward signs of discomfort

Despite this, we know that dental disease is a source of chronic pain for pets.

While the post-holiday time comes with a good deal of financial strain, we don’t want pets that need pain relieving dental treatment to wait. That is why we are offering pet owners a choice of 2 promotions to take advantage of for dental procedures scheduled now through February 29:

  1. Take 10% off the entire invoice OR
  2. Pay the cost of the dental procedure in 6 monthly payments over 6 consecutive months

In addition, pet owners who are unsure if their pet needs a dental procedure are eligible for a free dental examination and consultation!
Take a look at some of our past dental before and after photos below. Contact us today to arrange your pet’s dental procedure!

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