• Make Your Own Indoor Agility Course!

    Nov 09 2018

    Fall is flying by and the its beginning to feel awfully ‘wintery’ out there!  Pet owners naturally tend to cut back on outdoor activity at this time of year.  Unfortunately…

  • My dog ate weed… now what?

    Nov 08 2018

    Dogs eat things they shouldn’t. This isn’t exactly headline news, but it does present a challenge to veterinarians.  When a dog presents with sudden onset illness (like vomiting and diarrhea)…

  • What does it cost to spay or neuter my dog or cat?

    Nov 07 2018

    Pet owners often call to find out the cost of ‘fixing’ their new puppy or kitten. This procedure, while routine, is a major surgery and there are a lot of…

  • What do I do if my dog has a tick?

    Oct 31 2018

    Ticks have been a persistent pest in Oakville this season and we have recently had a spike in cases of ticks on dogs.  We wanted to share his reference guide…

  • dog with Christmas light

    Winter 2018 Newsletter

    Dec 22 2017

    Seasons Greetings!  From everyone here at Bucksburn, all the best to our furry patients and their loving caretakers as we ring in 2018.   Check out our Winter newsletter here with info…

  • slab fracture before after

    Fractured Tooth – Case of the Week From Dr. John Glauser

    Nov 13 2017

    Dental disease is among the most common illnesses seen in cats and dogs.  Many pets suffering from dental disease show no apparent signs there is a problem.  Our case this…

  • pleural effusion before-after thoracocentesis

    Heart Failure in Cats – Case of the Week from Dr. John Glauser

    Nov 01 2017

    Today we are reviewing the case of a 7 year old female cat that presented to our clinic with rapid breathing.  Upon examination of this sweet cat, I counted the…

  • dog laying on beach under blue sky

    Mast Cell Tumors – Case of the Week from Dr. John Glauser

    Oct 10 2017

    Our patient this week is a middle-aged mixed breed dog.  He developed a lump on the end of his docked tail that grew over several weeks.  He was beginning to…

  • red and yellow maple leaves in the fall

    Fall 2017 Newsletter

    Sep 29 2017

    Welcome back fall and the return to regular routines following a wonderful summer!  Check out our Fall Newsletter here with fall tick information, an article on allergies in pets, educational material on…

  • animal-dog-pet-dangerous

    Coughing Dogs – Case of the Week from Dr. John Glauser

    Sep 11 2017

    This week’s case is not a single patient, but rather several dogs that have come through our doors of late with a terrible cough. Their coughing is a characteristic dry,…