Apr 01 2014

Jay’s Legacy

Jay the cat seating on wooden floor

Diane has been a client with us for longer than I can remember. She has a reputation for being devoted to her pets. It was a common place to find her at the clinic bringing in Jay and/or Paddy. The medical problems of these two cats were always addressed and dealt with quickly. For that reason, they have lived long lives of good quality.

Not too long ago, Jay passed away – he was over 20 years of age at the time. I have often been told that the best thing you can do for your pets after he/she passes on is to provide a good home for another pet. Diane had gone a step further. She donated $2 500 to the clinic in Jay’s name. The money was to be used for a pet’s medical treatment if there were financial constraints. Such a case materialized and a pet received treatment for a severe injury thanks to Jay’s donation.

Wherever he is, I’ll bet he is very happy to see another pet received the type of care Jay was used to getting. Once again, our hats off to Diane for her ongoing generosity.

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