Flea and Tick Products

There are many products on the market that are effective against fleas and ticks, and trying to keep them all straight can be challenging (even for us)!

We are happy to provide you with the product you want for your pet.  To simplify the options, some of our most commonly used medications are listed below:


Simparica™ (sarolaner): A once monthly chewable tablet which is effective against fleas and 5 species of ticks (including the 3 species most commonly seen in Ontario).  Simparica is easily administered as a treat to dogs.  It works fast to kill fleas and ticks and its protection lasts the full month long!  Simparica is available on its own or in a combo pack with Revolution®. 

K9 advantix® II: A monthly spot-on applied down your dog’s back provides a barrier of protection against fleas and ticks.  It can kill fleas before they bite and stop ticks from attaching to your dog.  K9 advantix is available on its own or in a combo pack with Advantage Multi®.

What about heartworm?

Flea and Tick Prevention is important throughout the spring, summer, and fall.  Heartworm prevention should be added in along with flea and tick control for June to November.  Heartworm prevention products include Revolution® and Advantage Multi®.  See this page for more information.

Example annual parasite control protocols for dogs:

Example 1: Simparica™ (3 pack) for monthly flea/tick control March to May, followed by a Revolution®/Simparica™ combo pack (6 doses of each) for monthly flea, tick, and heartworm control June to November.

Example 2: Advantage Multi® DUO PLUS Combo Pack (new for 2018) – 8 doses of K9 Advantix® II for monthly flea/tick control April to November combined with 6 doses of Advantage Multi® for monthly heartworm control June to November.



Bravecto® (fluralaner) Topical Solution for Cats: A spot on topical medication applied once every 12 weeks for excellent protection against fleas and ticks, including the 2 species of ticks most commonly seen in Ontario!


Please feel free to contact us today to discuss whether your pet could benefit from flea and tick prevention.  We will happily guide you in choosing a product that suits your needs!


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