Don’t Sacrifice Quality For Savings!

The old adage goes “you get what you pay for”.  In veterinary medicine, this holds true.  There has recently been an increase in so called “low-cost” veterinary service providers in many areas of Ontario.  However, we urge pet owners to use caution when selecting alternate, low cost services.  Many of these providers sacrifice quality pet care in order to provide a cheaper service.

Low cost providers often cut costs by cutting corners behind the scenes.  For example, there may be less staff available to monitor animals under or recovering from anesthesia, less monitoring of vital signs during and after surgery, and less pain control used for pets recovering from surgery.  In addition, veterinary professionals at low cost clinics spend less time with clients during appointments and are less available for clients’ follow up concerns.  If your pet has signs of an illness, fewer diagnostics may be utilized to determine the root cause of the illness, ultimately leading to less effective treatment.

At Bucksburn Veterinary Hospital, we strive to provide your pet the same quality care we would grant our own pets.  We monitor each and every pet under anesthetic closely and with high quality equipment.  We spend time with our clients to make sure their concerns have been addressed and their questions have been answered.  We take care to properly diagnose and treat sick pets to get them felling better again as quickly as possible.  And we listen to our clients and always offer options when appropriate to work within individual budgets.

If your pet could talk, we believe they would request the high quality medicine offered by Bucksburn Veterinary Hospital, over a low-cost provider!


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