Jun 02 2015

J.R Bosch

Everybody has a bad day, a head ache a body ache, a cold a flu… We all have them. And in most cases make it known that we aren’t well….. but not little J.R!
J.R is a 13 year old Shih Tzu cross. He has been cursed with a laundry list of health ailments, bladder stones, high blood pressure, and ocular tumor, and arthritis to name a few. Now if we were to convert his canine age into human years he would be a remarkable 91 years old!!!
Poke after poke, visit after visit J.R has never once come in grumpy, growling or upset. In fact, its quite the opposite, he always comes in with a grin on his face and tail wagging. And the very same could be said about his owner.
We think everyone could take a page out of J.R’s book and always look at the world with such a bright and positive outlook!
We would like to commend both J.R and Mrs Bosch on their positive attitude and moving forward despite little.. or in some cases big obstacles, and wish them both nothing but the very best for their future.

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