Feb 26 2020

It’s Time to Start Tick Prevention Medication

As we inch closer to spring, we can expect to see more days where the temperature reaches 4 C and higher.  This is the temperature at which ticks become active and bite.
Therefore, we recommend starting tick prevention on March 1 and continuing monthly until November.

Who needs tick prevention?

  • Dogs and cats with outdoor access (back yards count)
  • Dogs who walk off leash, along trails or through wooded areas
  • Pets in urban areas including Mississauga and Oakville are at risk!  Tick prevention is not just for pets that travel to rural areas or cottage country.

Did you know?

Flea and tick prevention medication can be dispensed for your pet without requiring an examination/visit as long as your pet has visited our clinic in the past year. Depending on your preference, both topical and oral tick medications are available in a convenient 3 pack, which can be used March through May. Combined flea, tick, heartworm, and intestinal parasite medication starts June 1.
Call or email us today to order your pet’s flea and tick prevention!

How else can you prevent lyme disease?

Lyme disease is one of the largest concerns for dogs that have been exposed to ticks. In addition to tick prevention medication, consider the following:

  • Avoid walking in areas with tall grasses and areas where the ground is covered with leaves or branches.
  • Clean up areas in your yard where ticks might hide.
  • Do daily tick checks on your pet and remove ticks promptly.
  • Vaccinate your dog against lyme disease for additional protection.

Not sure what tick prevention medication is best your your pet? No problem! Simply call, e-mail, or stop by to arrange a no-charge tick control consultation with Dr. Glauser.

Happy Spring from all of us at Bucksburn!

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