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  • black dog panting, taking a break

    A Lucky Break Indeed

    Oct 29 2014

    Staff | Our Stories

    Six years ago, Mr. T observed a van stopping to let out a small pup.  He thought that the pup was just being let out to relieve himself.  Imagine his…

  • gray cat with green eye closeup

    Born Free

    Oct 08 2014

    Staff | Our Stories

    Smokey was born into a colony of wild cats living in a barn. Typically, these cats are unapproachable and will have nothing to do with people, but Smokey was good…

  • brown dog on a lash


    Sep 24 2014

    Staff | Our Stories

    When Major entered his families household, he was “Shorter than the grass in the backyard”.  Fourteen years later, this conservative Staffordshire Bull Terrier is still with us.  Nothing fazes him. …

  • dog licking paw with message "Is your dog licking his or her paw? Read why..."

    OCD in A Dog?

    May 14 2014

    Staff | Our Stories

    OCD is a common term in the field of human psychology. Although I have often felt that my pets suffered from obsessive compulsive disorder, in the veterinary field OCD usually…

  • white heartworm show during surgery

    Meet Harry Houdini

    May 01 2014

    Staff | Our Stories

    Harry was adopted by Ed’s family earlier this year and as you can guess, he is an expert at escaping from confined areas. Cages, kennels… you name it. These antics…

  • x-ray showing normal hip and a hip with dysplasia

    Before and After Hip Dysplasia

    Apr 27 2014

    Staff | Our Stories

    Brandy was rescued when she was 2 weeks old, and the odds of her survival were touch and go. She had to be bottle fed and nursed through this period…

  • sad black puppy laying on the ground

    A Tale of a Pup’s Tail

    Apr 13 2014

    Staff | Our Stories

    When Diesel visited the hospital, he was just five weeks old. He had lesions on his feet and even worse, a severely infected tail. And there begins the tale of…

  • Jay the cat seating on wooden floor

    Jay’s Legacy

    Apr 01 2014

    Staff | Our Stories

    Diane has been a client with us for longer than I can remember. She has a reputation for being devoted to her pets. It was a common place to find…

  • Daisy the dog sitting on grass and holding purple toy in her mouth


    Mar 18 2014

    Staff | Our Stories

    There are always certain clients you can recognize before you ask for their name. For example, when I’m working and I’m asked for the “big bottle of insulin” (as opposed…

  • Charlie the dog is sitting on grass under the shade

    Victim of Circumstance

    Mar 04 2014

    Staff | Our Stories

    Tragedy can strike in the most unexpected and unusual fashion. We rarely consider catastrophic events as we go through our day to day life dealing with responsibilities at work, as…