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  • Daisy the dog sitting on grass and holding purple toy in her mouth


    Mar 18 2014

    Staff | Our Stories

    There are always certain clients you can recognize before you ask for their name. For example, when I’m working and I’m asked for the “big bottle of insulin” (as opposed…

  • Charlie the dog is sitting on grass under the shade

    Victim of Circumstance

    Mar 04 2014

    Staff | Our Stories

    Tragedy can strike in the most unexpected and unusual fashion. We rarely consider catastrophic events as we go through our day to day life dealing with responsibilities at work, as…

  • external sign for Toronto General Hosptial

    Congratulations Dr. McCleary!

    Jan 16 2014

    LifelearnAdmin | Our Stories

    The Staff at Bucksburn Veterinary Hospital would like to congratulate Dr. James McCleary on receiving the Upper Canada Preserved Award from the Toronto General Hospital for his generous contributions to…

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    Lex & Lola Just Have More to Love

    Dec 20 2013

    Staff | Our Stories

    How many dogs do you think it would take to make up approximately 220 lbs?   How about just two?!  If you haven’t met Lex and Lola, weighing in at 135…